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Amira Metodieva - a harpist's world

Klikken: 367, website toegevoegd: Aug 10, 2014
Amira Metodieva - a harpist's world
Amira Metodieva - a harpist's world
KOPPELING : harpist.be
Land: België
trefwoord 1: harp lerares
trefwoord 2: harp privéles
trefwoord 3: huwelijksfeest
trefwoord 4: wedding ceremony
trefwoord 5: company events
trefwoord 6: bedrijfsconcerten
trefwoord 7: concert
trefwoord 8: antwerpen
trefwoord 9: vlaanderen
trefwoord 10: professional harpist
Amira Metodieva is a professional harpist with rich experience as artist and teacher, constantly performing different chamber and solo recitals, presenting the charm of harp playing in all types of social events, everything you would need